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What companies are developing lead frames independently in China?
Research and development isn't something only big corporations can do. Many small businesses in China can leverage R&D to compete on and lead the market, too. Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.never stops seeking unique products and services. A company's self R&D ability for lead frames has many advantages: it is capable of making new products ready for series production in a very short amount of time. Upon customer request, those with independent R&D capability could take on complete custom projects that include the entire product development process.

Fortuna provides high quality stamping parts and services. The stamping parts series is widely praised by customers. When Fortunaautomotive stamping parts is designed, many necessary factors are taken into considerations, such as safety, stability, strength, contaminants and harmful substances, and ergonomics. The product has a compact design and can be space-saving. It has recently become very popular, especially in the branding arena, as it creates an appealing look and contributes to branded products. It has the property of low shrinkage on heating and low thermal conductivity.

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