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What is a hot stamping? What are the advantages of it?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping parts processing is the use of installed in the press mold, the placed in die in sheet metal deforming force, the deformation of sheet metal in the mould to produce, in order to gain a certain shape, size and performance of product parts production technology. Due to the stamping process is often conducted at room temperature, so also called cold stamping. Stamping is one of the metal pressure processing method, it is based on the theory of metal plastic deformation of material forming engineering technology, general for the sheet metal stamping processing of raw materials or materials, it is also called the sheet metal stamping. Stamping process refers to the specific methods (stamping processing The sum total of all kinds of stamping process) And technical experience; Stamping die is processed into sheet parts of special tools. Hot stamping is relatively than common cold stamping, difficulties in order to overcome the high strength steel plate cold forming, hot stamping must be implementation phase change and stamping steel heating and quenching, thereby gaining a higher strength, deformation resistance and hardness, tensile strength is as high as 1600 - to forming 2000 mpa components, can compound into high strength driving unit, under 5 tons of static pressure without damage. Using the relative to the ultra high strength structure, can obviously improve the safety of car collision, by reducing wall thickness or cross section at the same time, reduce the number of parts in car assembly processes size, so as to realize the lightweight. Hot stamping technology advantage, makes high strength steel hot stamping technology is influenced by the global auto makers and favored and great concern of the iron and steel production enterprises. Hot stamping process is not only a simple 'turn cold hot', involves very complicated metal materials heat - force - phase change more physical field coupling and multi-scale problems and thermal boundary friction nonlinear mechanics problem. The complexity of high strength steel plate hot stamping to overcome hot stamping defects: such as local excessive softening - neck, rupture, wrinkles, uneven martensitic transformation and so on, to achieve the best austenitic - Martensite transition temperature, best mould cooling rate, forming pressure, the best optimization problem such as the holding time, which requires such as formability analysis from the macroscopic and microscopic scale, the use of performance such as in-depth research and technology accumulation. A: processing stamping mould design needs to pay attention to?
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