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What is the cause of the tear in stamping parts processing deviation

by:Fortuna     2020-05-09
In the process of stamping parts processing, the parameters of the process may not be reasonable, so the general requirements described the core pressure and two parts together, and sheet materials in plastic deformation, in order to form when the slide block slides down to the machine, however, because of the defects, such as the unstable quality of the print, said the pressure of the machine tool in the stress equilibrium in the process of production, form a matrix flange extrusion processing department of design, it shows that the initial design features on the surface of the small and medium-sized suppression. But ignored the formation of the suppression of core seat, with mold processing error between the part and drawing design, forming extrusion parts before, is through the positioning pin and the surface of the hole at the top of the core material pressure to, so that the core material pressure should guarantee stability, is reliable and correct in the work of construction, the ground guide rail is very slippery, or artifacts in the forming process is unstable, makes the pressure and mold core wall collision. If other factors considered in the mould structure, and the use of special guide sliding neglected, for dealing with an overview of the structure is adopted, and the back of the space is to adjust the space is not too large, will lead to tear stamping parts processing parts, stainless steel because of its excellent performance, and is widely used in industrial production, but its performance is poor in stamping parts processing, easy to scratch the surface and the mold is easy to adhere to tumors, it for stamping parts processing has a great impact on the quality and production efficiency. With the vigorous development of the research of finite element simulation of stamping parts processing, more and more people begin to use the finite element method to understand the complex problem of stamping molding processing, and succeed, stamping formability of mechanical parts is directly related with the quality of the parts, the theme is mainly a merger with ningbo mau cheung metal co. , LTD. , in a certain type of car floor after forming process, based on this, the forming mechanism of sheet metal are summarized, I know that the main factors affecting the depth of the deep drawing.
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