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What is the cause of the uneven shape of the stamped drawing parts? How should it be solved?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
In the process of processing stamping and drawing parts, we often encounter uneven shapes of processed products, and sometimes we cannot find a solution after studying for a long time. There are many reasons for the uneven shape of metal stamping deep drawing parts. The main reasons and solutions are as follows: 1) There is no air hole on the punch. In the stamping process, the air in the workpiece is compressed by the punch and cannot be discharged, which makes the shape of the drawn part appear uneven. This reason is often easy to overlook by many people. The solution is to add vent holes on the punch. 2) The blank is not flat. The surface of the blank is uneven, resulting in uneven surface of the deep-drawn part. The solution is to replace materials with better surface quality. 3) The material rebounds greatly. The material rebounds greatly, resulting in an uneven shape of the drawn part. The solution is to increase the annealing or shaping process. 4) The gap between the convex and concave molds is too large. If the gap is too large, the working surface of the mold loses its straightening effect on the wall of the workpiece, and the shape of the workpiece is uneven. Therefore, the mold gap should be repaired or replaced with new parts. 5) The negative deviation of the material thickness is too large. If the material thickness is too small, the gap of the mold will be relatively large, which makes the shape uneven. Need to change to a suitable thickness material. When processing metal stamping deep-drawn parts, if the appearance is not flat, you may wish to find the reasons from the above five aspects. Previous post: What is the reason for the shape and size of the stamping and bending parts not meeting the requirements? How to correct it?
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