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What is the difference between the stamping and casting?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Stamping and casting are two kinds of production, the manufacture of parts and components of a certain shape processing way. What is the difference between the stamping and casting? Stamping on the material of cold working, stamping molding parts, components, in addition to the surface treatment, generally do not need to perform other processing. Raw materials used are generally have good ductility of plank, usually at room temperature, material placed in the mould, Upper die and lower die) Between, through the press or press pressure, decided materials according to the mold to the shape of the plastic deformation ( Including bending, stretching, shearing, etc. ) , to get the needed parts, components, and sometimes for a material deformation can not meet the requirements, there are points on different mould stamping, gradual deformation for many times, finally to meet the design size requirements. Stamping process also have the material first preheating, step by step requirement of stamping process of semi-finished products many times by the tempering, adjust the stress and restore its ductility. Casting can be large and complicated shape parts, in addition to the precision casting technology for casting, typically require further car, planing, drilling, grinding and other processing. Casting is the use of materials in melting state has high liquidity, high temperature into liquid material injection mould lumen, lumen and model are obtained after cooling parts of the same shape, belongs to the category of hot working. In an essay: introduction to the main characteristics of stamping process is what?
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