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What is the intelligent stamping?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Sheet metal stamping from manual operation to half mechanization, mechanization and automation, is a sign of stamping to each development stage, sheet metal stamping and now into the intelligent stage, therefore, to say the intelligentizing stamping sheet metal stamping technology is the inevitable trend of development. Sheet metal forming intelligent research originated in the early 1980 s the United States, following after Japan began sheet intelligent study the field of plastic processing. At the beginning of the technical study of the past ten years, the full power to focus on bending springback of forming control, until 1990 years later, the technology research to extend to the deformation of the deep drawing of cylindrical parts, and then extended to stamping progressive die, the intelligent car shape, etc. So-called intelligent stamping, cybernetics, information theory, mathematical logic, optimization theory, computer science and sheet metal forming theory of organic combination of comprehensive technology. Intelligent sheet metal stamping process is automated and the flexible manufacturing system of new technologies such as a higher stage. Its amazing way is can be processed according to the characteristics of the object, use easy to monitor physical quantities, the performance of the on-line identification of material parameters and predict the optimal process parameters, and the optimum process parameters to complete the sheet metal stamping. This is a typical intelligent control of sheet metal forming four elements: real-time monitoring, on-line identification, on-line prediction and real-time control processing. Intelligent stamping in a sense, it is a revolution of the people's understanding of nature of stamping. It away from the past that kind of endless quest of the principle of the stamping, to simulate the human brain to deal with those actually happened in the stamping. It is not starting from the basic principle, but in fact and data as the basis, to realize the optimization of process control. Intelligent control is, of course, the optimal process parameters, therefore, the optimal process parameters is the key to intelligent control. The so-called optimal process parameters, is on the premise of meet various critical condition can adopt the most reasonable process parameters. In order to achieve the optimal process parameters on-line prediction, must be on the forming process of various critical conditions have a clear understanding of, and be able to give accurate quantitative description, on this basis to determine the intelligent control. And the precision of the quantitative description and decides the intelligent recognition precision and prediction precision of the system. This suggests that the system recognition accuracy, precision and control accuracy are improved depends on the accuracy of quantitative description, therefore, to amend and improve constantly. The identification accuracy and precision, precision, accuracy and monitoring system itself also rises to constantly improve. In this way, intelligentizing stamping to reach should have been. Related studies show that in the intelligent control of deep drawing process, the optimal process parameters to predict ultimately comes down to the determination of blank-holder force change rule and the blank-holder force control based on prediction research of blank-holder force. Blank-holder force prediction deep drawing there are two main types: the traditional way of experiment and theoretical calculation method. In recent years and established. fuzzy comprehensive artificial intelligence and artificial neural network theory is introduced into optimum blank-holder force control curve prediction research, at present, the variable blank-holder force control technology has become a research focus in the academia and industry. And according to the change rule of blank-holder force theory is determine the critical condition of wrinkle or broken, visible pressure-pad-force flange wrinkling and rupture of critical condition correctly determine a must. Further studies have also shown that for conical workpiece deep drawing, the flange wrinkling area is surrounded by a wall wrinkling area almost, so overcome the side wall wrinkling and overcome the flange wrinkling, so of conical workpiece deep drawing, the principal contradiction has focused on the workpiece is broken and side wall wrinkling. So the size range of blank-holder force to control the wall not wrinkle ( The minimum limit) And wall rupture maximum limit) In between. On an essay: introduction to the hardware stamping test methods
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