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What is the management system of the formal stamping workshop?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Stamping parts processing manufacturers should establish a regulatory management system for the staff in the stamping workshop, the purpose of which is to standardize the labor discipline and production methods of employees, and ensure product quality, work efficiency, and safe production; the main contents of the regulatory management system are: The following points: 1. The employees in the stamping workshop must dress and wear the brand in accordance with the company's regulations; 2. The employees in the stamping workshop must punch in and out of the board on time, and must not be late or leave early. If something happens, ask for leave in advance and go through the leave formalities with the department manager; 3. The staff must make preparations for stamping before going to work every day, and shut down, turn off the electricity, gas and windows in time after work; 4. The staff must operate strictly in accordance with the 'Operation Instructions' when working, and at the same time, the stamping die Carry out cleaning and inspection; 5. Employees are not allowed to carry bracelets, watches, etc. to prevent scratching or scratching the products; 6. Personnel in the stamping parts workshop are strictly prohibited from quarreling, passively sabotaging, and not working after drinking; 7. Right because of work The party concerned shall be mainly responsible for mold damage and equipment damage caused by negligence of personnel; the article recommends: What impact does the punching speed of the press have on the section of metal stamping parts? Previous post: What happened to the impact line in the stamping processing factory of stamping parts processing plant?
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