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What is the problem of surface roughness of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The appearance of roughness on the surface of stamping parts is a common quality defect in the production process. The phenomenon of roughening of stamping parts will cause mold wear, which greatly reduces the service life and accuracy of stamping parts, reduces production efficiency, and increases the number of mold repairs. Downtime; the roughening phenomenon of stamping parts is caused by local adhesion (occlusion) on the surface of the workpiece and the mold. There are many ways to improve the problem of roughening, just to put it briefly; 1. Improve the material of the stamping part and increase the hardness of the mold; 2. For the mold Surface treatment, such as hard chromium plating, PVD and TD, etc.; 3. Apply nano-coating to the mold cavity, such as RNT technology, etc.; 4. Add a layer of other substances between the mold and the processed part to make the processed part Separate parts and molds, such as lubricating or special lubricants or adding a layer of materials such as PVC; 5. Use self-lubricating coated steel plates; Recommended article: The impact of the accuracy of stamping parts processing equipment on the product. Previous: Hardware stamping The influence of material on the stamping process
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