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What is the problem of unevenness on the surface of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The most common surface problem in the production of stamping parts is unevenness. Most of the reasons are caused by dust or iron filings on the surface of the material or stamping part die; the specific reasons are as follows: 1. Iron powder is generated when the coil is cut off ; After the coil is cut off, there are burrs on the cut surface, and stolen goods are attached to the sheet during storage or transportation; 2. Stamping die: iron powder is generated when the drawing bead is burned, and the position of the drawing die limit exhaust hole is unreasonable Concave and concave caused by stamping parts, convex and concave caused by the shearing die; 3. When the robot speed is set unreasonably, when entering the stamping part mold, collisions and other phenomena will result in bad phenomena of stamping parts; Recommended article: Safety in stamping parts processing What are the main points? Previous post: What factors should be considered when sharpening metal stamping molds?
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