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What is the process of oblique cutting by the stamping parts processing plant?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Stamping parts processing plants process stamping parts of various specifications, and the cutting methods are also different. The form of the cutting edge can be divided into flat blade shear, oblique blade shear and roller shear; today we are talking about oblique blade Cut, let’s take a look at the cutting process of this cutting method? In the shearing process of oblique blade shearing, at the beginning of the shearing, the upper blade is only partly in contact with the cut sheet material, and then one side of the sheet material cracks along the cutting edge, and when the cutting continues, the sheet material will follow The downward movement of the upper blade and the crack open, gradually separating the sheet into two parts. The material deformation principle of the stamping parts at each stage is basically the same as that of the flat blade shear; the shear angle Φ in the stamping parts processing plant is cut with an oblique blade shearing machine Cutting the sheet material, the working stroke of the upper blade is much larger than that of the flat-blade shearing machine. At this time, the stroke value of the upper blade is determined by the cutting length and the cutting angle Φ. In the shearing process of the stamping parts processing plant, due to the existence of the shear angle Φ, the stamping part has the same deformation process as the material when the flat-blade shears is sheared, but also due to the pressure of the upper blade. The phenomenon of downward bending of the strip, which causes deformation, distortion and stretching of the cut strip, is the biggest shortcoming of oblique blade shearing. But because it reduces the shearing force, it is currently the most widely used cutting preparation method in stamping production. It is often used in the cutting and preparation of sheets and coils with large widths and small thicknesses; recommended article: in In the processing of metal stamping parts, what are the forms of the cutting edge? Previous: In the production of stamping parts, several basic methods of shearing
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