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What is the role of the edge in the processing of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The overlap of the blanking parts in the processing of stamping parts; refers to the process waste left between the blanking parts and between the blanking parts and the sides of the strip when nesting becomes the overlap; the role of the overlap in the processing of stamping parts what is it then? Let’s take a look at 1. Compensate for positioning error and shearing error to ensure that qualified parts are punched out; 2. Increase the rigidity of the strip to facilitate the feeding of the strip and improve labor productivity; 3. It can avoid the edge of the strip during blanking. The burrs are pulled into the die gap, thereby improving the quality of the cross section and the life of the die; the edge value has a great influence on the punching process and the quality of the blanking parts, so it must be reasonably determined. If the edge value is too large, the material will be used. If the rate is low, the edge value is too small, the strength and rigidity of the edge will be insufficient, and it will be easy to warp or be broken during punching. This will not only increase the burr of the blanking part, but sometimes even pull into the die gap unilaterally, resulting in punching. Uneven cutting force damages the cutting edge of the die; article recommendation: stamping parts processing factory talk about the manufacturability of blanking parts Previous: Introduction to several materials for making metal stamping parts
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