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What is the size precision of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Metal stamping parts dimensional accuracy is measured by the tolerance of registration, the nation is divided into 20 grades, from IT01, IT0, IT1, IT2 ~ IT18, number, the greater the tolerance grade ( The machining accuracy) Changes in the lower dimensions allow range ( The tolerance value) The smaller, the greater the processing difficulty. 1. Metal stamping parts size accuracy refers to stamping the difference between the size of the basic actual size, the smaller the difference, then the higher the precision metal stamping parts size. 2. A major cause of metal stamping parts size error are: the manufacturing precision of convex and concave mould; Convex and concave die clearance; After stamping materials elastic recovery; The accidental factors in the process of production, such as inaccurate positioning, material performance is not stable. 3. The surface of the metal stamping parts quality can not be higher than that of the surface quality of raw materials, or need to increase the subsequent processing to achieve, increase the cost of production. 4. Dimension precision metal stamping parts generally can be divided into two categories, general grade and precision. Regular grade is can use economic means to achieve accuracy. Precision level is on the stamping technology can achieve the precision, as supply precision stamping hardware company, control the product size + / - 0. 02mm。
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