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What is the stamping process parameters

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
What is the stamping process parameters? Number of stamping process and the dao is mainly refers to the stamping bai pieces of the specifications of the equipment used, and the stamping in the depth of the du when debugging each working procedure is called dao zhi, pressure, parts size and other data processing parameters. In short, is can produce according to the requirements of data quality qualified parameters of stamping parts. Stamping process is a kind of metal processing method, which is based on the plastic deformation of metal, used to pressure on the sheet metal mold and stamping equipment, sheet to produce the plastic deformation or separation, which has a certain shape, size and performance parts ( Stamping parts) 。 Stamping forming technology in automobile body manufacturing process occupies an important position, especially large automobile body covering parts, because the most complicated shape, the structure of large size, some still space curved surface, and surface quality requirement is high, so use stamping processing method is used to make these parts can't be matched by other processing methods. Stamping process can be divided into four basic processes: cutting: for separation of sheet metal stamping process, Including punching and blanking, trimming, cutting, etc. ) 。 Bending: the sheet metal along the curved line bent into a certain Angle and shape of the stamping process. Flat sheet metal into various drawing: open the hollow parts, or further change the shape, size of the hollow parts stamping process. Local forming: with a variety of different properties of local deformation to change or stamping parts stamping process (in the shape of blank Including the flanging, bulging, school and shaping process, etc. ) 。
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