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What is turn-milling composite manufacturing?


Composite machining is one of the most popular machining processes in the world of machining. It is an advanced manufacturing technology. Compound machining is to realize several different machining processes on one machine tool. Compound machining is the most widely used and the most difficult, that is, turning and milling compound machining. The turning and milling compound machining center is equivalent to the compound of a CNC lathe and a machining center.

Turn-milling compound machine tool is the fastest growing and most widely used CNC equipment among compound machining machine tools. Machine tool compounding is one of the important directions of machine tool development. Composite machine tools also include various forms such as turning-milling composite, turning-milling-grinding composite, milling-grinding composite, cutting and 3D printing composite, cutting and ultrasonic vibration composite, laser and stamping composite, etc. Functional, can complete multiple tasks in one clamping, improve processing efficiency and processing accuracy.


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