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What kind of die steel should be used for 304 stainless steel stamping?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
What kind of die steel should the stamping factory choose when making the design die? In fact, the choice of die steel has a certain relationship with the thickness, hardness, and stamping speed of the material being stamped. Next, stamping is the choice of die steel for stainless steel stamping. For example, the blades of the juice machine and juicer in our family usually use 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 2.0 or more, and a surgical blade of 1.0 or more. When processing this kind of stamping product, if we choose DC53, D2, or In the case of high-speed steel SKH-9, the knife edge of the mold is easy to wear during the processing, and the product is also prone to burrs. Relatively speaking, the mold life is short. Some mold factories choose inappropriate materials to save costs. After the product is mass-produced , It is easy to have the above various problems, causing instability of product quality. If we choose hard alloy (tungsten steel) models YG15 and YG20 as die punches with better wear resistance, the punches are easy to crack, because 304 stainless steel has high chromium content and certain hardness, so The wear resistance and toughness of the punch are very high, so what kind of die steel should we use when processing stainless steel 304 stamping products? High-speed steel should be smelted with powder, such as ASP23, ASP60, and ASP60 has the best effect. It has both the wear resistance of cemented carbide and the toughness of high-speed steel. When the stamping plant is producing and processing, if the mold steel material is not selected properly, it will also cause quality instability. This small problem has been ignored by many processing plants, so the material selection problem of the mold when manufacturing the mold cannot be ignored. The article recommends the technical improvement and improvement of the mold structure surface. Previous article: Common product types for metal stamping and drawing processing
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