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What kind of preparatory work do you need to do after receiving the order for precision stamping parts?


When the precision stamping factory receives the order, it needs to formulate a detailed plan rigorously to avoid various problems in the subsequent actual production and processing, which will affect the production efficiency and product quality, resulting in waste of time and cost. So what preparatory work do stamping parts need to do after receiving the order? Let's introduce it below.

1. Analyze drawings of precision stamping parts

After receiving the drawings of precision stamping parts from the customer, we must confirm the quantity of the product and the specific dimensional tolerance requirements with the customer at the first time, and then determine which process to use for production. For example, when the batch size required by the customer is relatively large, we can Stamping and stretching processing technology is adopted to reduce product cost.

After determining the production process, it is necessary to design a reasonable discharge method to minimize waste.

2. Develop a processing plan for precision stamping parts

After analyzing the drawings of precision stamping parts, it is necessary to formulate an overall processing plan. Some precision stamping products are not only achievable by the stamping process, but also include other processing processes, such as: riveting, welding, drilling, laser cutting , tapping and so on. This requires the development of a sequence of various processing techniques.

3. Determine the number of processing steps and dimensions

The vast majority of stamping parts require multiple processes to be processed, and a reasonable number of processes must be designed. A reduction in the number of processes means a reduction in product costs.

After determining the number of processing procedures, it is necessary to understand the shape and size of the product after each procedure, and determine the size and shape of the product blank.

4. Design of stamping die

When designing stamping dies, we must pay attention to ensure the operability and safety of the dies. The wearing parts are also designed to be detachable, which is convenient for future maintenance.

5. Choose the right punch

The required stamping force is calculated according to the dimensions and thickness of the precision stamping parts. In addition, the size of the working surface of the punching machine must conform to the size of the product.

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