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What matters should be paid attention to in the process of metal stamping?


In the previous article, we have learned about some matters needing attention in the production process of metal stamping parts. Next, we continue to learn about 12 other precautions to better ensure the safety of employees and production. Dongguan Fortuna Metals CO.,LTD. has been committed to precision metal stamping for more than 20 years, and the core team has more than 30 years of experience. Welcome to map and email for inquiries.

1. Semi-automatic and manual punching machines need to be installed with a two-hand brake switch, and it is strictly forbidden to press the pedal or start the switch with one hand.

2. The producer should stand properly, and the hands and head should keep a certain distance from the punch, and always pay attention to the movement of the punch, and it is strictly forbidden to chat with others.

3. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers when going to work, so as to avoid the molds and iron blocks in the workshop from hitting the feet. Squad leaders, fitters, and mold repairers need to wear safety shoes when they go to work.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the foot switch on the punch, and all the original equipment of the machine are removed.

5. When cleaning and checking the equipment, it is necessary to cut off the power supply before operation.

6. When the machine is found to be abnormal, turn off the power first, and then find the technician on duty to deal with it in time. Do not deal with it without authorization.

7. When setting the mold - be sure to lock the screws, and stop the machine after 4 hours to check whether the screws are loose.

8. Pay attention to fire prevention of other oils such as white oil, alcohol, cleaning agent, etc.

9. No flammable or explosive items can be stored under the switch.

10. When the operator installs the suction fan, it is strictly forbidden to put his hand on the motor to clean the waste.

11. Male operators are strictly prohibited from having long hair, and female operators should have long hair in a coil to prevent the long hair from getting caught in the flywheel.

12. It is strictly forbidden for operators and mold repairers to put their hands into the mold during production.

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