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What method to choose for cleaning precision stamping parts?

What method to choose for cleaning precision stamping parts?


Cleaning is an indispensable process in the production and processing of precision stamping parts. I believe everyone knows what cleaning method to choose. This article will briefly introduce the stamping parts manufacturer when cleaning precision stamping parts and when there are cleaning accuracy requirements What methods are there to choose from.

According to the requirements of cleaning accuracy, it is mainly divided into three categories: general precision industrial cleaning agents, industrial cleaning agents, and ultra-precision industrial cleaning agents.

1. Precision industrial cleaning includes cleaning in the processing and production of various products, cleaning of various materials and equipment surfaces, etc., which is characterized by the ability to remove tiny dirt particles.

2. General industrial cleaning agents include cleaning of the surfaces of vehicles, ships, and aircraft. Generally speaking, only relatively coarse dirt can be removed.

3. Ultra-precision cleaning includes ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, etc. in the process of precision industrial production, with the purpose of removing extremely small dirt particles.

According to the different cleaning methods, it can be divided into chemical cleaning and physical cleaning.

1. Relying on the action of chemical reactions, the method of using chemicals* or other solvents to clean up the dirt on the surface of objects is called chemical cleaning. For example, various inorganic or organic acids are used to remove rust and scale on the surface of objects, and oxidants are used to remove stains on the surface of objects.

2. Using the principles of mechanics, acoustics, optics, electricity, and heat, and relying on the action of external energy/energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic cleaning, negative pressure, high pressure) to hit. The methods of removing dirt on the surface of objects such as ultraviolet rays and steam are called physical cleaning.

These are some of the methods of cleaning.

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