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What operating rules should be followed during the use of metal stamping molds?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Before working, stamping workers must train in advance on mold application knowledge, and arrange to work after the training is qualified. Molds must be inspected and maintained during use. The use of molds directly affects the production efficiency of metal stamping parts. Product quality, etc.; 1. Before debugging and starting the mold, be sure to check whether there are foreign bodies inside and outside, and whether the sheet to be stamped is clean and clean; 2. During the use of metal stamping molds, strictly abide by the operation Specifications, random placement, bumps, etc. are prohibited; 3. During the processing of stamping parts, the working status of the mold should be checked at any time. If abnormal conditions are found, the machine must be shut down for inspection and can only be used after everything is normal; 4. Regularly lubricate the surface of the working table and movable mating surface of the metal stamping parts mold, and add lubricating oil; 5. For every 50 pieces of small punch, and every 30 pieces of large punch, air guns should be used to align the mounting surface and cavity surface of upper and lower templates Clean up and wipe the waste inside; regularly remove waste materials, etc.; 6. Stamping dies should also be maintained regularly to increase the service life of the mold; article recommendation: N95 nose bridge production principles and features Previous post: N95 nose bridge production principles and features
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