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What position does the stamping die and plastic mold industry occupy in the development?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Today, stamping briefly introduces the classification of molds, and what position does plastic mold occupy in people's real life? Die: There are hardware product molds, the mold making material is die steel, and some cold stamping dies, hot forging dies, die-casting dies, etc. are all made of die steel. Plastic mold, also known as injection mold, that is to say, a mold that processes plastic into a certain product shape, size, and precision of plastic products, which is also called a type of cavity mold. Mould is an important process manufacturing in the manufacturing industry, and countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of the mould industry. Moulds are one of the important foundations for industrial development and national economic development. Both plastic moulds and machinery manufacturing moulds have the same status. With the development of the machinery industry (automobile and motorcycle industries everywhere on the streets), the electronics industry (household appliances), and the daily necessities (kitchen appliances, etc.) industry, the demand for plastic molding products is increasing. Its quality requirements are getting higher and higher, which has caused the development, design, and manufacturing of plastic molds to be strengthened. The level of mold design, manufacturing capacity, and mold quality directly affect the production quality of subsequent products, as well as the economic benefits and the overall industrial level. In fact, more than 70% of products processed by plastic molds in various industries such as instrumentation, household appliances, transportation, communications, etc. are processed and formed by molds. In some industrially developed countries, plastic molds are far away Far exceeds the annual output value of the machine tool industry. In Japan, South Korea and other countries, its plastic mold companies are at the same level as stamping mold companies. Companies that produce plastic molds in my country are located in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and the Pearl River Delta, and the scale of the companies is also considerable. Therefore, the status of plastic molding in basic industries and the impact on national economic benefits are also very important. Generally speaking, whether it is a stamping die product or a plastic die processing product, it has a very important position in all areas of people's daily life. Which types of parts does the article recommend for stamping dies? Previous post: What kind of die steel should be used for 304 stainless steel stamping?
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