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What problems should be paid attention to when designing deep-drawn metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stretch forming is a stamping process in which a flat plate is formed into an open hollow part using a processing method. As one of the main processes of stamping, drawing has been widely used. The stretching process can be used to manufacture thin-walled metal stamping parts with irregular shapes such as cylindrical, rectangular, trapezoidal, spherical, conical, and parabolic shapes. If combined with other stamping processes, parts with more shapes and more complex can also be manufactured. 1. The design of deep-drawn metal stamping parts should be as simple and symmetrical as possible, and can be deep-drawn at one time. When designing deep-drawn parts, it should be noted that the shape or internal dimensions must be guaranteed; 2. The wall thickness tolerance or thinning of deep-drawn metal stamping parts should not exceed the wall thickness change rule of the deep-drawing process, and generally do not change the thickness of the deep-drawing process The maximum thickness of the cylinder wall is (0.2~0.3)t, and the maximum thickness is (0.1~0.18)t, where t is the thickness of the sheet material. 3. For workpieces that need to be drawn for multiple times (h>0.5d), the inner and outer walls or the flange surface of the flanged drawing parts should be allowed to have indentations produced during the drawing process. 4. Under the premise of ensuring the assembly requirements, a certain slope of the side wall of the drawn part should be allowed. 5. All unmarked dimensions on the part drawing belong to free dimensions. Check the tolerance table to determine the tolerance of the dimension according to IT14. The dimension of the diameter and height of the part meet the requirements of the drawing process for the tolerance level of the part. Article recommendation: What are the characteristics of the flanging process in the stamping process? Previous post: What does the calibration process include in the metal stamping process?
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