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What products has Fortuna developed?
Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.has produced many products, e.g. metal stampings , which are closely related to our company. Every year we make a huge investment for their development. In order to be able to crack down on infringement, we applied for patents and certifications.

Fortuna occupies a vast foreign market in lead frames. The metal stamping parts series is widely praised by customers. Fortunametal stamping china has gone through a series of third-party tests. They cover load testing, impact testing, arm & leg strength testing, drop testing, and other relevant stability and user testing. The product has a compact design and can be space-saving. The quality of this product protects users from electrical, mechanical, thermal, fire and radiation risks under normal usage, as well as preventing accidents. The product is not easy to crack even under the high temperature.

Fortuna will continue to perform strategic innovation and promote creation. Inquire online!
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