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What's the most important and decisive factor for chossing tooling steel?


What's the most important and decisive factor for choosing tooling steel?

Forming method–can choose from two kinds of basic material

A) Hot-working tool steel, it can afford high temperature during casting, forging and extrusive.

B) Cold working tool steel, usually used for blanking, shearing, cold forming, cold extrusive, cold forge and powder pressure molding.

Plastic–some plastic will produce corrosive by-products, such as PVC plastic. Condensation caused by long time suspension, corrosive air, sour, cooling/heating, water or storage condition, etc all can produce corrosive. Under these circumstances, we recommend you use stainless steel tool steel.

Tool size–big tools usually use pre-hardening tool steel. And quenching steel is better to use for small size tools.

Tool usage count– For long-term use(>1 000 000 times) tools should use high hardness steel, hardness 48-65HRC. Middle time use(1 00 000 – 1 000 000 times) tools need using pre-hardening steel, hardness 30-45HRC. For short time use(< 100 000 times) tools using soft steel, hardness 160-250HB.

Surface roughness–many plastic mold manufacturers are interested in goof surface roughness. Tool surface quality will be reduced while adding sulfur to improve the metal cutting performance. Steel with high sulfur contents also becomes more brittle.

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