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What should be paid attention to in the production of stainless steel drawing parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Stainless steel drawing parts are a kind of metal processing parts that are very common in our lives, and they are widely used. So, what should manufacturers of stretched parts pay attention to in the production process of stretched parts? Precision focuses on the production of precision metal stamping parts and drawing parts for more than 10 years, and has accumulated rich experience in processing and customization. Next, Precision will give you a detailed introduction. First of all, the material hardness of stainless steel drawing parts is higher than that of ordinary carbon steel, so the requirements on the mold during the drawing process are more stringent. Generally, stainless steel drawing molds are made of chromium molybdenum vitriol raw materials, and tungsten steel can also be used if the product quantity is large. Tungsten steel molds have high strength, toughness, wear resistance, especially better heat resistance. As mentioned in the previous article, in the production process of stainless steel drawing parts, the concave mold will generate heat. If the metal material properties of tungsten steel are used, the cooling process can be omitted in the production process, which is also conducive to improving production efficiency. When processing stainless steel drawing parts, tungsten steel has very good performance. At the same time, tungsten steel raw materials are expensive, the mold processing process is relatively difficult, the requirements for heat treatment are also very strict, and maintenance is relatively difficult. These are the disadvantages relative to chromium molybdenum. In summary, tungsten steel has advantages over chromium and molybdenum, high mold stability, good product quality and appearance, but the disadvantages are expensive, difficult to process and difficult to repair. Regarding how to choose, manufacturers need to weigh the pros and cons according to the nature of the product, whether they choose to use tungsten steel or chromium molybdenum. [Related recommendation] Learn more: 精の corporate culture Learn more: Continuous improvement and innovation are the key factors for the survival of stamping companies Learn more: The development of the metal stamping processing industry
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