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What should be paid attention to in the selection of processing materials for metal stamping parts?


The stamping factory needs to confirm and purchase the material of the product before stamping. So what problems should we pay attention to when choosing raw materials for metal stamping parts? Dongguan Fortuna - dedicated to the custom processing of precision metal stamping parts, and can customize metal stamping parts for various industries. Next, let's introduce what issues should be paid attention to in the selection of metal stamping parts processing materials.

1. In terms of steel specifications and types, whether it is a plate or a cold-rolled coil, different materials, material thickness and coil width have different market prices. Therefore, in order to control the cost, it is necessary to formulate a purchase strategy from the roll width of the purchased material, and try to choose a smaller roll width under the premise of ensuring the material utilization rate.

2. If there is a clear tolerance regulation for the thickness of the material, within the generally allowable range, the material with the lower error should be purchased.

3. Defining the shape and specification of stamping materials is the prerequisite for analyzing the deformation level of stamping parts, designing process performance and formulating process flow. If the shape of the material is suitable, not only the uneven distribution of deformation along the plate can be greatly improved, but also the forming limit can be gradually increased, and the height of the lug can be reduced, and the trimming capacity can be reduced.

4. When designing product materials, it is necessary to avoid excessive performance of metal stamping parts caused by the use of high-type materials, and only need to meet the requirements of customers. In addition, under the premise of considering the requirements of the product and processing technology, the materials and material thicknesses that have been commonly used in mass production should be selected as much as possible, so that it is more convenient to use and manage.

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