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What should stamping parts manufacturers pay attention to when designing automobile panel molds?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Stamping parts are stamped and processed by stamping equipment. The most important stamping die for processing stamping parts. Auto stamping parts processing manufacturers must design the auto panel mold in advance before processing automotive stamping parts. Then the automotive panel mold should be designed with attention which places? Stamping parts processing manufacturers will take you to take a look; 1. Make sure that the stamping direction of the automobile stamping parts is designed reasonably, because the stamping direction is reasonable to stretch a satisfactory cover product; 2. The rounded corners and linear design of the automobile drawing stamping parts; When the automobile stretch parts have rounded corners and straight parts, stretch ribs should be set in the straight part to balance the feeding speed. 3. The inner and outer ring design of the mold, the rounded corners and straight parts of the shallow stretched parts should be set with stretch ribs , But only one stretch rib can be set in the rounded part, and 1-3 stretch ribs can be set in the straight part; if there are multiple stretch ribs, it should be'outer loose and inner tight', that is, the outer ring of the mold is stretched The stretch ribs are'loose', while the mold inner ring stretch ribs are'tight'; 4. The mold design must be planned as a whole. The design of deep drawing molds for automotive panels must be combined with the stamping process, and the overall planning should be adopted. The design scheme of multi-stage die advancement ensures the surface quality of stamping products as much as possible, reduces the number of stages, and reduces mold manufacturing costs; the article recommends: What kind of regulations should be followed when processing stamping elbows? Previous: N95 Mask Nose Bridge Hot-melt Glue Nose Bridge is available from stock
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