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What should we do if the surface of metal stamping parts is scratched?


Metal stamping parts can be seen everywhere in our life, and our requirements for its surface quality are getting higher and higher. Stamping parts manufacturers will inevitably have scratches on the surface of metal stamping parts during the production and processing process. What should we do at this time? We first need to understand what causes it, such as the concave and convex mold, raw materials, processing technology, etc., and then find the corresponding treatment method.


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1. When the bending direction of metal stamping is parallel to the rolling direction of the material, cracks will occur on the surface of the stamping parts, which will reduce the surface quality of the stamping parts. When metal stamping bending is performed on more than two parts, it should be ensured that the directions of the two have a certain angle as much as possible.


2. When the burr surface is used as the outer surface for metal stamping and bending, stamping parts are prone to cracks and scratches, so the burr surface should be used as the inner surface of metal stamping bending.


3. When performing continuous bending operations on soft materials such as copper and aluminum alloys, metal particles or dross are easy to attach to the surface of the working part, causing large scratches on the stamping parts. The shape of the working part, lubricating oil, etc. should be carefully analyzed Under the circumstances, try not to appear scratches caused by particles and dross.


4. The gap between the convex and concave dies should not be too small, too small a gap will cause thinning and scratches. Always check the changes in the clearance of the mold.


5. The radius of the die fillet is too small, and there are impact marks on the bending part of the metal stamping. Polishing the die and increasing the fillet radius of the die can avoid scratches on the metal stamping bending parts.


6. When the depth of the punch entering the die is too large, the surface of the part will be scratched. In the case of ensuring that it will not be affected by springback, the depth of the punch entering the die should be appropriately reduced.


7. In order to make the stamping parts meet the precision requirements, the metal stamping bending die at the bottom is often used. When the metal stamping is bent, the spring on the pressing plate, the positioning pin hole, the supporting plate and the return hole, etc. will be pressed into Indentation, it should be adjusted.

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