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What should we do when the injection molding of the metal insert is insufficient?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-07
The application of precision insert injection molding is very wide, and the demand is increasing. INVITECH is a manufacturer with rich experience. The core team has been committed to the field of precision metal stamping and metal insert injection molding for more than 30 years. Some problems will inevitably occur during the injection molding process. What should we do when the injection molding of the metal insert is insufficient? Let the author give you a brief introduction. 1. The main reasons for insufficient filling are as follows: insufficient resin capacity; insufficient pressure in the cavity; insufficient resin fluidity; poor exhaust effect. 2. As an improvement measure, we can mainly start from the following aspects: (1) Lengthen the injection time to prevent the resin from flowing backwards before the gate is cured and difficult to fill the cavity due to the short molding cycle. (2) Increase the injection speed. (3) Increase the injection pressure. (4) Increase the resin temperature. (5) Increase the mold temperature. (6) Expand the gate size. Generally, the height of the gate should be equal to 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the wall thickness of the product. (7) The gate is set at the Maximum wall thickness of the product. (8) Set exhaust groove or exhaust rod. It is more important for smaller parts. (9) Leave a certain buffer distance between the screw and the injection nozzle. (10) Add lubricant. (11) Choose low-viscosity grade materials. [Related recommendation] Learn more: 精の corporate culture Learn more: Continuous improvement and innovation are the key factors for the survival of stamping companies Learn more: Why most stamping factories are unwilling to quote foreign trade companies
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