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What should we start with when designing stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The structural design of stamping parts is very important, so stamping manufacturers must consider stamping equipment, production costs and other aspects when designing. When designing a good stamping part, it must have the following characteristics; 1. In stamping parts When designing, we should pay attention to simple and uncomplicated shape performance. If the shape is too complex, we can split it into several small parts for processing; 2. For the design of stamping parts, the structural design is very important, and it must be structured. It is necessary to ensure its rationality and reduce the occurrence of waste. For square structures, most of them will not have waste, and for round structures, there will often be waste. Therefore, when designing and processing, the manufacturer will look at how to reduce this loss; 3 , For the entire stamping parts processing process, we try to reduce the process steps and simplify as much as possible, so as to ensure good production efficiency; Recommended article: Why sometimes the processing of metal stamping parts is not completely separated? Previous post: Manufacturers are very important to the selection of stamping parts processing equipment
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