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What should you do when metal stamping parts spring back ?

What should you do when metal stamping parts spring back ?


In the stamping process of metal stamping parts, springback sometimes occurs during bending, which will affect the shape and precision of stamping parts. So how to prevent the springback problem of this kind of metal stamping parts? Dongguan Fortuna has been committed to precision metal stamping and metal insert injection molding for more than 20 years, and has rich experience. The following content is shared with you.

1. Mold design

When the mold is designed and preformed, the one-time formed stamping parts can be distributed in different processes to complete, which can eliminate some internal stress in the forming process to a certain extent, thereby solving the defect of springback. By optimizing the blank holder force of the part, adjusting the flow direction of the material, and improving the internal stress distribution of the material, the springback phenomenon is reduced.

2. Materials

Under the premise of meeting the product requirements, try to choose materials that are not easy to bend, and you can also increase the thickness of the material appropriately. Secondly, the design of the stamping shape, stamping parts with complex shapes, in one bending, due to the stress in all directions Complicated, it can solve the springback problem by combining several components. It is also possible to reduce the value of the R angle of the curved part.

3. Drawbead

Utilizing drawbeads and setting the drawing position reasonably can effectively change the direction of material flow and effectively distribute the feed resistance on the binder surface, thereby improving material forming. Extending the ribs will make the stamping parts more fully formed, the stress distribution will be more uniform, and the springback will be reduced.

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