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What to do if there are scratches on the surface of stamping parts?

What to do if there are scratches on the surface of stamping parts?


With the improvement of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for precision stamping products. There are many problems that plague stamping parts manufacturers, and scratches on the surface of stamping parts are one of them. It is difficult to avoid scratches on the metal surface of precision metal stamping parts, whether it is in production or after production, packaging, etc., so how should we deal with the surface scratches of stamping parts? Next, DG Fortuna summarized decades of work experience and shared the reasons and solutions for scratches.

Precision metal stamping parts

1. The raw material is scratched. Those with poor raw materials and scratches should be used with caution. For those who need baking varnish or other surface treatment, you need to know the position of baking varnish or surface treatment. If the scratches are severe, please carefully consider whether to continue using them. 

2. The loading personnel were scratched when loading and unloading materials. When loading and unloading, two people need to pick up and put down vertically at the same time. It is recommended to use a brush workbench. If it is a ball table, you need to lay down the balls of the machine table. When filing burrs, it is not allowed to pile the materials together, and it is not allowed to drag the stamping parts onto the cardboard. They should be placed smoothly and neatly, the number of each layer is the same, and the height should not exceed one meter. 

3. There are scratches on the mold. The brush in the cutter head should not be too short and should be slightly higher than the surface of the lower die of the cutter head. Thick plates need to use hard brushes, special forming tools have higher lower molds and use assembly and disassembly production. The program can be optimized to reduce the drag of the work piece on the mold. 

4. There is a problem in the process of stamping oil feeding. Check whether the oil supply device is blocked and whether the processing oil is completely covered. Replace the current stamping processing oil and choose a special stamping oil containing sulfurized extreme pressure additives.

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