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When metal stamping processing mould burst cause analysis

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Metal stamping processing mould split, is the common situation, but more serious at that time, is a template suddenly is divided into several pieces. Perhaps, leading to a template immediately opened sake there are a variety of conditions, from the stamping die to buy raw materials to the stamping process, can cause harm to it. Metal stamping processing mould split the reasons are: 1, the blanking ideal manufacturing solution without demagnetization before, without return tip material; Manufacture of broken needle broken playing CARDS, such as the yellow; When assembling die without shit, or roll excrement, legs stuck excrement, the most common, assembles the Lao shifu, if do not pay attention to as a blanking hole more at that time, the protective layer or die block, most are very easy to appear this kind of circumstance. 2. Design processing mould compressive strength is insufficient, the wound too close interval, mold design is not science, lack of template blocks without block legs. 3. Tempering treatment: improper heat treatment quenching process by deformation practice experience, the characteristics of mould heat treatment quality of mould and could harm is great. Statistical analysis from mould is invalid because the anatomy of knowledge, because of the heat caused by negligence mould is invalid 'security incident' accounts for about 40%. 4. Messenger wire line cut cut gross negligence, line cutting gap solve error, didn't make clear Angle and line cutting layer mildew damage. Stamping die choose wire-cutting processing more tooth surfaces. Because the thermoelectric effect of wire-cutting processing and electrolysis effect, causing the surface layers of mould manufacturing must be thick layers of mildew, decrease the surface strength, such as microscopic cracks, result in wire-cutting processing of stamping die is easy to produce the early damage, immediate harm die of cold stamping gap to maintain and tooth surface is very easy to collapse edge, reduce the mold trial. In wire-cutting processing, therefore, should choose the effective electric gauge, try to avoid mildew deep layer. 5. High speed punch machine equipment adopts high speed punch press tonnage, cold shock pressure is insufficient, the mould probably too deep. Stamping machine tools ( Such as punching machine) The precision and rigidity, the harm of stamping die service life is very important. Stamping machine and high precision, good rigidity, stamping die service life increase greatly. Such as: multifarious ferrite core stamping die for Crl2MoV raw materials, the application in general punching machine open, average after grinding for 1 - service life 30000 times; And application on a new type of high precision punching machine, the service life of the stamping die after grinding to 6 - 120000 times. A: metal stamping parts application features and characteristics
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