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When processing aluminum alloy stamping parts, what are the requirements for the mold?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The stamping parts processing plant processes stamping products of various materials, including aluminum alloy materials. After investigation, the forming process of aluminum alloy is the same as that of ordinary cold plates. The use of scrap knives can be reduced by increasing the process, and the generation of aluminum chips can be reduced; The requirements of stamping parts die are different from ordinary cold plates; stamping hardware manufacturers will take you to take a look; the die used to process aluminum alloy stamping plates has certain special requirements; 1. The hardness of the drawing die is required Requirement; outer plate HRC70, inner plate HRC55; drawing die working surface should be polished and hard chrome plated; drawing bead in stamping die should be round bar, and the drawing bead technology supplement is more, the R angle of the drawing bead It is also larger than steel parts; even if the slip line of aluminum parts is qualified on the rounded corners, it should not be greater than 18mm; the coloring of the press ring is better than steel parts; the sandpaper for polishing aluminum alloy plates needs to reach 2000# sandpaper Second, the requirements for the trimming die, the scrap knife for processing aluminum alloy stamping plates should adopt a broken rib structure, mainly to reduce the material scrap; the use of step punches to reduce the material scrap;, aluminum alloy stamping parts The trimming gap should be slightly larger than that of the steel parts, and the width of the blanking plate is 10~15mm. 3. The requirements for the flanging shaping mold, the width of the flanging blank is 20~25mm, and the flanging gap is 95 of the material thickness. %;, aluminum alloy stamping parts flanging has higher requirements for inserts, the surface of the inserts must not have sand holes, pores, surface finish should be good, and there should be no obvious scratches, etc.; article recommendation: stamping parts processing equipment drawing press Uses and features Previous post: The influence of the rigidity of the press on the metal stamping parts
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