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When processing metal stamping parts, what are the forms of shearing edges.


Dongguan Fortuna Metals has been focusing on the customized production of precision stamping parts for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich experience here. Welcome to  inquire. There are many processes in the production process of metal stamping parts, such as punching, rotary cutting, tapping, blanking, etc. In this article, we will learn about the forms of shearing edges when processing metal stamping parts?

In the processing of metal stamping parts, the form of the shearing edge can be divided into flat edge shearing, oblique edge shearing and roller shearing.

1. Flat edge shearing refers to the process of separating sheet metal or coil material of metal stamping parts with two blades parallel to each other. This flat edge shearing method can only be cut along a straight line. It is suitable for Cut sheet metal stamping parts and coils with small width and large thickness;

2. The oblique edge shearing is different from the flat edge shearing. The oblique edge shearing refers to the process in which the sheet or coil is cut on the shearing machine where the upper blade and the lower blade are obliquely intersected at a certain angle; When cutting, the shearing edge and the sheet to be sheared are not like the flat-edged shearing, where all the shearing edges contact the sheet for simultaneous shearing, but only a small part of the contacting sheet is gradually sheared, so the oblique blade shears. The cutting force greatly saves the shearing force compared with the flat-blade shearing; the shearing machine, the hand shearing machine and the desktop manual shearing machine all belong to the oblique-blade shearing method;

3. The principle of roller shearing; roller shearing is referred to as roller shearing, also known as disc shearing, which is a shearing method in which the material is cut by passing between two disc hob rotating in opposite directions ; This method is usually used for longitudinal shearing of metal stamping parts with extremely long cutting lines or coils. It is an important means of material preparation. Usually, the two axes of roller shearing are parallel to each other, and are The planes of shearing material are parallel to each other, but there are also discs that are deliberately inclined to be used for curved cutting work.

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