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When processing precision stamping parts, what should be paid attention to when feeding

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Stamping parts manufacturers should put the lives of workers first in the process of producing stamping parts. The stamping operator is a very dangerous job, so the stamping plant must cultivate the employees' awareness of prevention on the premise of completing the post-task to ensure that no accidents occur. Today, Precision will introduce to you what should you pay attention to when stamping and feeding? 1. Check whether the circuit and air pressure of the machine are normal, and whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the machine; 2. Before processing the stamping parts, pay attention to cleaning the punch, the mold and the surrounding environment to ensure that the production environment is tidy; 3. During the process of processing the stamping parts, the loading personnel need After training, including the operation process and awareness of prevention; 4. The machine starter needs to be able to walk and stop the machine, and shall not disassemble or modify the protection device of the machine without permission; 5. Generally speaking, in the processing of stamping parts, stamping Workers should not be too close to the machinery and equipment, they need to keep a certain distance, the same is true when the machine is loading, keep a distance of about 1 meter. [Related recommendation] Learn more: What are the methods for polishing the surface of stainless steel? Learn more: Manufacturing characteristics of automotive stamping parts molds Learn more: Points to note in the design of continuous stamping dies
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