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When the production of metal stamping parts what preventive measures should be taken

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
A, regularly check the punch wheel and stamping mould installation, ensure the coaxial precision of the wheel up and down. Second, metal stamping parts need to strict inspection before installation and application, contamination should be clean, guide set of stamping parts and die casting mould should be carefully check whether good lubrication. Three, in order to ensure the service life of tensile and compression parts, mould spring also should change regularly, in order to prevent the spring fatigue damage effect on the application of tensile stamping parts. Four, when installing hardware mold, stamping personnel should use soft metal manufacturing tools, in order to prevent the hit to the stamping parts during the installation process and extrusion and damage. Five, stamping parts of intensive blade wear, immediately stop using grinding in time, otherwise it will rapidly expand mode of blade wear, accelerate mould wear and tear, lower the quality of stamping and die life.
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