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When the production of precision metal stamping parts adopt continuous die several key points should be considered

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
When the production of precision metal stamping parts using multi-station progressive dies, can consider the following several aspects today little author and everybody study together: 1, precision metal stamping parts need the coining of new mould, first batch are large enough, it feeding accuracy and cumulative error between each work step to reasonable design can reduce the precision of the parts, complex shape parts and ran after the system is not convenient to locate parts with continuous die system is the most ideal; 2, using continuous mould press should have sufficient strength, stiffness, elements such as accuracy, stroke shoulds not be too big, not to take off at work to ensure that the guidance system, generally in the nominal working pressure is less than 80%; 3, precision metal stamping parts for mould design and manufacture and maintenance points, due to the continuous model of the structure is complex, its production than the average mold requirement for high precision, and have to check every batch production after maintenance, qualified after can only into the mold base, some small parts, such as insert wear after the change in time; Such as mould for grinding repaired, will be shown to other parts of the corresponding equivalent grinding to ensure the same height, requirements consistent with the relative difference of the original design, so the mold of professional standard and special equipment must also be equipped with; 4, stamping materials must have good mechanical properties, for each batch of incoming material in accordance with the provisions, inspection, testing and material flat to put into production, the stand or fall of material directly affect the precision metal stamping parts; The above article is derived from the metal stamping parts, automotive stamping parts processing customized 18 years, reprint please indicate the source. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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