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Which one is better for Dongguan customized automotive metal stamping parts? I recommend only those with a precision of ±0.01mm

by:Fortuna     2021-03-18
Auto stamping parts, as the name suggests, are metal stamping parts that make up auto parts. Manufacturers of automotive metal stamping parts have said that some of the automotive stamping parts become auto parts directly after stamping, and the other part needs to be processed by welding, machining, or painting before they become auto parts after stamping. . So what should be paid attention to in material selection for automotive stamping parts? Xia Xiaoshuo takes everyone to take a look: When selecting materials, first select metal materials with different mechanical properties according to the type of automobile stamping and use characteristics, so as to achieve the purpose of not only ensuring product quality, but also saving materials. Generally, the following principles should be followed when selecting materials for automotive stamping parts: 1. The selected material should first meet the performance requirements of auto parts. 2. The selected material must have better process performance. 3. The selected material must have better performance. Economical hardware, 15 years of ingenuity focused on the processing of metal stamping parts, hundreds of processing and production equipment, 20,000+ sets of customized production experience in stamping dies, monthly processing of 100+ sets of molds, daily production capacity of 3 million punches, and stamping accuracy mm, 16 quality inspections are strictly controlled. It can quickly solve time-critical problems for you, solve stamping accuracy problems, and solve production quality problems. Choose, choose rest assured!
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