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Why do terminals need plating

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Most electronic terminals, terminal surface treatment, are generally refers to the plating. There are two main reasons: one, to protect terminal reed substrate from corrosion; Second, optimizing the performance of terminal surface, establish and maintain contact between the terminal interface, especially membrane layer control. In other words, make it easier to achieve metal to metal contact. Terminals to electroplating, precision, author analysis are as follows 1. To prevent corrosion: most terminal reed is made of copper alloy, usually in the use of corrosion environment, such as oxidation, sulphur, etc. Terminal plating isolation is to make the reeds and the environment, prevent corrosion. Electroplating materials, of course, if not corrosion, at least in the application environment. 2. Optimization of surface: the surface of the terminal performance optimization can be realized by two ways. That is, a terminal design, build and maintain a stable terminal contact interface. 2 it is to establish metallicity contact and asked for the insert, there is no any surface coating layer or burst. No film layer and membrane rupture is the difference between these two forms are precious metal plating and non-noble metal plating. Precious metal plating, such as gold, palladium, and their alloys, is inert, itself has no film layer. Therefore, for the surface treatment, the contact is' automatic '. We should consider is how to keep the surface of the terminal 'noble', not by external factors, such as pollution, the influence of the substrate diffusion, terminal corrosion etc. Non-metallic plating, tin and lead and its alloys, in particular, covered with a layer of oxide film, but the insert, oxide film is easy to rupture, and attributes of the gold contact area is established. 3. To add terminal plating adhesion ( Such as copper) 。 For poor adhesion of metal, usually to play before electroplating copper base to enhance the adhesion. 4. Enhance the terminals of the conductive ability ( Such as gold, silver) 。 The conductivity of the raw material such as iron, phosphorus copper are generally below 20%, for low impedance requirement of connector can't meet the requirements, therefore, the surface electric plating after the high conductivity of metal can reduce its impedance. 5. Improve the terminal solder ( Such as tin, gold, etc. ) 。 Reasons for poor adhesion material for tin, the surface can be improved after certain materials such as the thickness of the tin plating parts of soldering. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. Is specialized in: metal stamping parts, terminals, hardware terminal, connector terminals, etc. Dongguan thirty years of experience in small precision metal stamping, stamping of high efficiency and look forward to cooperating with you.
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