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Why does iron filings appear in the processing of electronic stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
In the process of trimming electronic stamping parts, the stamping parts processing plant sometimes appears iron filings, which seriously affects the quality of the product and also reduces the productivity. Why does this happen? There are the following points; 1. The trimming edge is not vertical in the processing of stamping parts; 2. The stamping part is not consistent with the mold surface; 3. The edge gap in the processing of stamping parts is unreasonable; 4. The punching edge The finish is poor; 5. The scrap knife is cut twice; 6. The hardness of the cutting edge is not enough in the processing of stamping parts; 7. The cutting depth is too deep; 8. The design of the stamping part mold is unreasonable, etc.; Recommended article: According to the actual situation To determine the quantity of metal stamping parts produced. Previous: What's the matter with the high scrap rate in stamping parts processing plants?
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