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Why does the punch of the stamping die break.


With the development of society, the application of stamping parts is becoming more and more extensive. The role of stamping die in the production of stamping parts is very important, which directly determines the size and accuracy of stamping parts. In the production process of stamping parts, the stamping factory will find that the punch of the stamping die will break, so how to solve it, the editor of Dongguan Fortuna will tell you.

1. The punch strength in the stamping die is too high, and the punch material is not equal. For such problems, the punch material should be replaced immediately to adjust the strength.

2. The fixed part of the punch in the stamping die is offset from the guiding part. For such problems, electromechanical maintenance is required again or the block is cut again to make the punch smooth left and right.

3. The punch in the stamping die is not very well fixed, and it shakes from side to side. It is necessary to fix the punch again to prevent it from shaking left and right.

4. The punch edge is not sharp; grind the edge again;

5. The closing height is too low, and the punch in the stamping die is too long to select the wound site;

6. The upper mold waste blocks the wound and causes the punch to break. For this type of hole, a large blanking hole should be drilled again to make the blanking smooth;

7. The height of the jackknife is insufficient, and the bending punch is too short to fit into the jackknife;

8. The structure is unscientific, and the folding knife is not embedded in the fixed template;

9. The bending rate is too fast, resulting in the deformation of the punch at the bending root.

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