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Why does the stamping die template crack?


When the stamping die is processed, sometimes the problem of template cracking occurs. This is a relatively common situation. So what is the cause of the template cracking? After asking our technical staff, the editor will give you a brief introduction below a bit.

1. The mold material is not good, and it is easy to break in the subsequent processing.

2. Design process: the strength of the mold is not enough, the distance between the knife edges is too close, the mold structure is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is not enough, there is no backing plate foot.

3. Heat treatment: deformation caused by improper quenching and tempering process.

4. The mold grinding flatness is not enough, resulting in deflection.

5. Selection of punch equipment: punch tonnage, insufficient punching force, and too deep die adjustment.

6. Improper handling of wire cutting: wire cutting, wrong clearance, and no clear angle.

7. Unsmooth removal of material: no demagnetization treatment before production, no return tip; broken needles and springs and other stuck materials in production.

8. Unsmooth blanking: the straight body of the knife edge is too long, the blanking slope is not enough, and the mold leakage waste hole is blocked.

9. Production awareness: The lamination is stamped, the positioning is not in place, the blowing tool is not used, and the template has cracks and continues to produce.


The above is the reason for the cracking of the stamping die, I hope it can help you. Dongguan Fortuna team has more than 30 years of rich precision mold technology, focusing on the fields of precision metal stamping. Welcome to consult and customize.

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