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Why is easy to damage when disassembling difficult hardware mold pin hole

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Hard metal mould, advantages: low comprehensive cost, good product consistency and quality stability. Disadvantages: the mould cost is high, the production design manufacturers require high comprehensive strength. Suitable for riveting, tapping, secondary stamping and other complex processing type products. Difficult to tear open outfit, hardware mold is there are a lot of details need to be aware of, a bit not careful will damage the components, such as: pin hole particularly easy to be damaged when disassembling mold, you know why? Compensation trade when disassembling difficult hardware mold damage causes and solution of pin hole is as follows: 1: no pin hole clean easily damaged when we can send the pin hole, pin wipe up, should be first dismantle positioning pin down the mold when loading, should use screw guide is first, make positioning pin hole 2: after mould installation program wrong solution is: strike pin don't touch hurt three pin hole: when hair pin hole wall, scrape the too tight set is die, carefully check whether the hair pin hole, otherwise should play not to come out, pin hole reaming afresh, pin hole deviation or no escape hole below, additional positioning pin hole. Play pin is indispensable in the process of disassembling difficult metal mold parts, so we are dealing with the mold for installation or maintenance, it is important to note that the pin hole, not to damage it.
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