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Why is the appearance quality of metal stamping parts poor?

by:Fortuna     2021-05-08
There are many reasons for the appearance quality problems of metal stamping products. The appearance quality of coils, sheets, and molds will affect the quality of the final stamping parts. The operation in the stamping process and the clamping and removal of station tools may also damage the system. The appearance quality of the parts, therefore, the details should be fully considered in each link of the entire production process, and try to prevent quality problems from appearing and affecting the final product appearance.

1. Coil material

The common undesirable phenomena of metal stamping parts coils mainly include the following aspects:

(1) There may be foreign matter on the outside of the steel plate;

(2) The foreign matter falls off, and the coil is in the same condition as a scar;

Bad coil material of metal stamping parts

(3) The corners of the coil are damaged;

(4) The corners (20~30mm) are deformed or wrinkled due to uneven stress;

(5) Scratches (the roller surface may be caused by foreign substances);

(6) Caused by roller sliding;

(7) Irregularly damaged edges;

(8) After the foreign body enters, press out the bulge on the reverse side of the coil (the foreign body disappears when it falls);

(9) Roller traces (caused by foreign matter attached to the roller);

(10) Poor raw materials beyond the rules;

(11) Foreign bodies cause significant groove marks on the surface.
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