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Why is the punch of the stamping part easy to break?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
With the development of society, stamping products have developed into various fields. The die for processing stamping parts is especially important. The punches and punches on the stamping die sometimes break. What is the reason? The punch hardness in the stamping die is too high, and the punch material is not equal. For this reason, the punch material should be replaced in time and the hardness should be adjusted. The fixed part of the punch in the stamping die is offset from the guide part. For this reason, it is necessary to re-fit or re-cut the block to make the punch go up and down smoothly. The punches in the stamping die are not fixed well and move up and down. Fix the punches again to prevent them from moving up and down. The cutting edge of the punch is not sharp; re-grind the cutting edge; the closing height is too low, and the cutting edge part of the punch in the stamping die is too long; the waste of the lower die blocks the cutting edge and causes the punch to break. For this kind, re-drill the large blanking material Hole, so that the blanking is smooth; the height of the folding knife is not enough, and the folding punch is too short to be inserted into the folding knife; the structure is unreasonable, and the folding knife is not inserted into the fixed template; the bending speed is too fast, causing deformation of the bent root of the punch, etc. Article recommendation: How to choose a press for processing stamping parts Previous: What are the requirements for drawing stamping die parts?
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