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Why is there a phenomenon of die gnawing during the stamping process? How to prevent it?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
Why does the phenomenon of gnawing sometimes occur during the stamping process? How to prevent it? The gnawing is the collision of the cutting edges. During the punching process, a certain gap should be maintained between the cutting edges of the convex and concave molds and should not be touched. The reasons for the collision of the cutting edges are the following four aspects (1) The design and equipment are improperly fixed. Fix the punch in a dense way, and the punch may loosen. If a low melting point alloy is used for solidification, the punch may also loosen. If the punching force is large, the root of the punch is not hardened with a backing plate, and the punch is subjected to excessive lateral force, etc., the punch may loosen. (2) Mould manufacturing aspect 1) The installation of convex, concave mould or guide parts is not vertical. 2) The assembly of upper and lower templates, fixed plates, convex and concave molds and other parts are not parallel to each other. 3) The blanking gap is uneven. 4) The fixing of the punch does not meet the design requirements. (3) The use of molds 1) Repeated punching or overlap punching, that is, a blank is punched twice or several blanks are stacked together for punching. 2) The waste or blanking parts left on the mold were not cleaned up in time. (4) Mould maintenance: 1) Mould parts have a lot of wear, for example, the wear of the guides causes the fitting clearance to be too large and not repaired in time. 2) There is looseness in mold maintenance and assembly. In order to prevent die gnawing, a die with a guiding device should be used as much as possible, and it is especially important for a die with a small blanking gap. The method of fixing the punch should be carefully considered, and the mold manufacturing should be firm and reliable. It is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the punch, clean the working surface of the mold in time, and avoid repeated punching and overlapping punching. This is especially important for the compound punching die. It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of the mold to ensure that the mold is in good condition. Previous post: There are several forms of oblique blade? What should be paid attention to when using oblique blade punching? What are the applications of oblique blade punching?
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