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Why lubricate stamping materials and molds?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Before stamping parts are processed by stamping parts processing plants, it is necessary to brush the stamping part molds and stamping parts materials. The purpose is to improve the working conditions of the molds, reduce the friction coefficient between the stamping parts materials and the molds, increase the degree of deformation of the materials, and protect The surface of the mold can increase the service life of the mold, prevent scratches on the surface of the part, and improve the surface quality of the stamping parts; for drawn parts, molded parts, and medium-thick plate blanking parts, it is necessary to lubricate the sheet and the mold; When brushing lubricating oil, you need to use rollers or brushes and other special tools to apply; after the rollers and brushes are soaked in oil, they need to be rolled twice in the grate, and brush evenly on the corners of the mold cavity and the pressure surface that contacts the sheet Place; lubrication tools and lubricating oil containers should be kept clean and cleaned regularly. When stamping parts are processed, check in advance to avoid excessive consumption of lubricating oil and environmental pollution; article source: stamping parts processing plant in stamping What happened to the impact line during processing? Previous post: Causes of deformation in the processing of aluminum alloy stamping parts and improvement measures
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