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Why not use simple molds for stamping parts production and processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
After receiving the price of the metal stamping parts provided by the stamping processing factory, many customers will ask the stamping parts manufacturer to use simple stamping dies to make some samples for testing. For this type of customer, we should inform the customer at the beginning There is no need to make simple molds for the following reasons. 1. Simple stamping dies cannot process stamping parts that basically meet the requirements of the drawings. Customers expect to make trial products based on simple stamping dies, but they have not yet determined the middle and late stages of the product in the early stage. They want to spend less mold fees. The test product is tested. However, products made based on simple stamping dies cannot ensure the accuracy of specifications, and even after the customer's inspection, it is impossible to determine whether the product is caused by the product or the specifications are not enough. 2. Simple stamping dies cannot ensure the unity of stamping parts. Simple stamping dies cannot ensure that every stamping part is the same. Because simple stamping dies usually have precise positioning and do not have parts such as positioning pins, every punch is required. There will be different errors, which will cause customers to fail to obtain satisfactory results when testing stamping parts. 3. The inability of simple stamping dies to carry out mass production will cause consumption. Simple stamping dies are simple in structure and low in precision. After the customer confirms the test product, it is impossible to carry out mass production and only abolish it. This has caused more serious waste. [Related recommendation] Learn more: Do you know the operating precautions of stamping die fitters? Understand the details: How to develop metal stamping processing plants Understand the details: Types of stamping parts electroplating process
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