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Why punching stamping processing waste rebound

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Dongguan precision focus on stainless steel mesh, stainless steel pores, holes stainless steel, stainless steel microporous, punching, punching processing. A lot of punching factory when punching mesh is not very experienced, unavoidably will encounter the problem of punching waste rebound, have decades of punching industry experience, the author tells you why punching waste rebound? Microporous stamping processing waste, the main reason for the rebound: the oil film adhesion: to reduce the number of molds and materials in the stamping adhesion sex, in die sliding part and add lubricant coating are washed to the strip material. Lubricating oil has good lubrication effect, but also at the top of the punch and punching waste to produce an oil film adhesion between, especially for the soft thin material stamping processing, this will waste caused by oil film adhesion and rebound phenomenon. Vacuum adsorption: at stamping soft material ( Such as: copper, aluminum and other materials) Produce compressive plastic deformation, often make the punch squeeze between the top and waste into a vacuum, the vacuum state, there is a certain adsorption force will also often punching waste out of the surface of die, cause waste rebound. Punch passivation of waste package: when pressing after reaching a certain speed, the punch edge will produce passivation phenomenon, no longer sharp edge, but a very small R rounded corners, can produce extrusion deformation of deep drawing and punching waste, waste phenomenon, the formation of waste to blunt punch forming a parcel of clamping force, punching waste, also with the punch out of the surface of die, cause waste rebound phenomenon. Magnetic adsorption, die die after grinding, because no demagnetization operation procedure for repeatedly, make on the die mould with very strong magnetic adsorption force, when the micro hole high-speed stamping processing materials is the easy magnetic adsorption materials such as silicon steel sheet, will because of the upper die magnetic adsorption punching die a punching waste, waste rebound phenomenon.
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