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Why should stamping parts molds establish standards

by:Fortuna     2021-03-07
With the development of society, the application of stamping parts has become more and more extensive. People's living standards are constantly improving, and customers' requirements for stamping parts are getting higher and higher. The design and processing of stamping die is particularly important in the production of stamping parts. Therefore, it is necessary to establish standards for stamping die. Next, the author of precision will introduce the significance of establishing standards for stamping die. First, it is helpful to ensure the quality of stamping parts, can be stable and ensure the quality standards that must be set in the mold design plan to ensure the quality of metal stamping parts; Second, it is beneficial to the auxiliary design and manufacturing of stamping parts molds. The technical standards of the mold are Complete the basics of mold auxiliary design design and manufacturing. It can be said that without standardization of stamping parts, there will be no auxiliary design and manufacturing of molds. Third, it is conducive to communication and cooperation at home and abroad, technical terms and technical standards. Standardization and standardization will help domestic and foreign economic trade and industry exchanges, and improve the overall engineering strength of the company and our country. The mold standards for marketing and application in the field of stamping molds in China are the standards approved by the State Technical Supervision Bureau. And machinery manufacturing standards, so you should pay attention to the reference and adoption of relevant standards in the design process. [Related recommendation] Learn more: Precautions for designing continuous stamping die (2) Learn more: 6 precautions for designing continuous stamping die Learn more: Analysis of the causes of stamping die burst
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